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Harper's Weekly March 19, 1864, General Custer
Original Harper's Weekly March 19, 1864, Engravings: General Custer cover, General Kilpatrick, Map of the Rebellion, The Moon centerfold, Huntsville, Logan's Command, Colored Troops. Good condition, some age, stains, unbound, uneven edge.

Silk Embroidered Mourning Picture Antique American
Silk Embroidered and Painted Mourning Picture Antique American. Gold leaf frame; black reverse painted on glass mat; green; blue; brown; gray and white. Wood frame; silk; watercolor; card. This framed memorial is done in fine silk embroidery on silk. The sky and clouds are in watercolor. In the center is a monument and urn. Attached to the monument is a card with the inscription, "In Memory of Capt. Daniel Carlisle," (Possibly the Commander of Carlisle's Company, Timothy Bedel's Regiment, New Hampshire Rangers during the Revolutionary War). A large willow leans over the monument. Additional trees, bushes, flowers, grass and plants all done in silk needlework complete the scene. It contains hundreds of finely worked French knots. The embroidery is similar to ones attributed to the Abby Wright School in Massachusetts. 21 x 21 inches including frame; silk is 11 x 11 inches.

Vintage Pinkee The Farmer Lithographed Tin Toy Japan
Vintage Pinkee The Farmer Japanese Lithographed Tin Toy. Wonderful battery operated vintage toy. Marked, Made in Japan. "Pinkee" drives a truck with pigs loaded in the back and raised pistons on the front engine. 6.5 inches high and 10 inches long. Normal use and age wear with a small rust/corrosion area on the bottom. Has not been operated.

John Wilkes Booth Original Complete Issue Harper's Weekly April 29 1865
Original, complete Harper's Weekly April 29, 1865, New York, Vol. I, No. 435, "The Murder of the President." Includes: the cover is a 3/4 engraving of John Wilkes Booth with his signature; wood engravings of Booth shooting Lincoln at Ford's Theater and Booth escaping across the stage; text of the assassination and Lincoln's death; centerfold of Liberty weeping at Lincoln's coffin by Thomas Nast; Fort Sumter and troops landing at Mobile. Abraham Lincoln, Civil War

Winslow Homer A Sharpshooter on Picket Duty Original Harper's Weekly November 15, 1862
Original Wood Engraving, Army of the Potomac A Sharp-Shooter on Picket Duty by Winslow Homer, Harper's Weekly November 15, 1862. Civil War.

WWI Sheet Music
WWI Sheet Music. Red; white; blue; black; brown. Paper. This sheet music is titled, "Wake Up, America!" Lyric by George Graff, Jr., Music By Jack Glogau. The chromolithographed cover illustration shows Uncle Sam setting battle ships into the river next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Copyright 1916 by Leo. Feist Inc., NY. World War I.

Antique Anchor Lantern
Antique Anchor Lantern. The lanterns gray paint is old. It has a handle for carrying and hanging, heavy wire guards protect its Frensel lens and 4 heavy rings are attached to the sides for mounting. A small brass plate on the front is marked ANCHOR PATT. 4893. The brass burner clamps into the bottom of the lantern and the burner knob is marked SHERWOODS BHAM. Kerosene.

Antique Bitters Bottle
Antique Bitters Bottle. Red Amber. Glass. This bottle is blown, two molded, square with reeded edges and applied sloping collar mouth is marked 57 on its base, Paines on one side and Celery Compounds on the opposite side.

Abraham Lincoln and Tad Original Complete Issue Harper's Weekly May 6, 1865
Abraham Lincoln and Tad Original, Complete Engraved Issue Harper's Weekly May 6, 1865. Includes: cover engraving of Lincoln and Tad; text of lincoln's funeral; Ford's Theatre; funeral catafalque; Lincoln Lying in State in New York City; Lincoln's Funeral Procession in Washington; Lincoln on his death bed; and Lincoln Lying in State in the White House. Includes original text descriptions. Civil War.

A Constitutional View of The Late War Between The States 1868
A Constitutional View of The Late War Between The States; Its Causes, Character, conduct and Results Presented in a Series of Colloquies At Liberty Hall by Alexander H. Stephens. In Two Volumes. National Publishing Company, Philadelphia, PA. Zeigler, McCurdy & Co., Chicago, Ill.; Entered according to Act of Congress, 1868 by J. R. Jones. Dedication by Author. Bound in calf over marble boards. Raised bands with gilt-blocked titles. United States, History, Civil War, 1861-1865, Causes, Secession. 16 steel engravings with tissue guards including Liberty Hall, Jefferson, Washington, Webster, Calhoun, Clay, Jackson, Stephens, Beauregard, Toombs, Douglas, Abraham Lincoln (with autograph letters), Davis, Robert E. Lee, Johnston, and Grant. 9.5 x 6.25 x 3.25 inches.

Antique Stoneware Cobalt Blue Lion Head Soap Dish Lid
Rare Lion's Head Cobalt Blue Soap Dish. This wonderful dish was originally a jar lid and then used as a soap dish. The raised, embossed lion's head design allowed for moisture to run off the soap. Good condition with a small chip on bottom rim and a few small chips on inside rim. 1.25 x 4.5 inches.

Puck Vol. VI, September 10, 1879
Puck Vol. VI, September 10, 1879. Multi; black and white. Paper. Vol. VI. No. 131. This issue contains black and white and chromolithographed illustrations, cartoons, articles and ads. Illustrated by Joseph Keppler, A. Schwarzmann manager and H. C. Bunner editor.

Abraham Lincoln and McClellan Civil War Print; Antietam
Abraham Lincoln and McClellan Civil War Print; Antietam. Black, white, paper. Titled, "October3, 1862--Lincoln and McClellan After Antietam--McClellan's Last Battle." The photograph by Brady shows Lincoln and McClellan seated in a field tent. An American flags lays on a table, a Confederate flag lays on the ground. Copyright, 1910, by Patriot Publishing Co., Springfield, Mass. From the Photographic History of the Civil War, Published by Review of Reviews Co.

John Wilkes Booth Carte de Visite
John Wilkes Booth Carte de Visite. A good sharp image of Booth seated facing to the left holding his cane. Gutman #21, originally taken by Silsbee & Case of Boston in 1862. 4 x 2 inches. Very good condition with minor age and a few pinholes in edge of card; image is in fine condition.

Abraham Lincoln and Cabinet Harper's Weekly Civil War 1861
Abraham Lincoln and Cabinet Harper's Weekly Civil War 1861. Black; cream. Paper. This original engraving is titled, "The Cabinet At Washington." It is labeled, Montgomery Blair, Caleb B. Smith, Salmon P. Chase, The President, William H. Seward, Simon Cameron, Edward Bates and Gideon Welles. It shows Lincoln sitting at the center of a table with his Cabinet. It is marked, "July 13, 1861, Harpers Weekly, 437." THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WOOD ENGRAVING.

Antique Jerome Shelf Clock
Antique Jerome Shelf Clock. Brown and gold with blue; green; red; brown; yellow; cream; tan and black reverse painted glass.. Wood; glass; metal; brass. The steeple wooden case is grain painted with gold leaf edging. The bottom glass of the door has the original reverse painting of two duck hunters in a row boat with a dog in the water and ducks in the sky. It has eight day spring works with chime and pendulum. The back paper reads, Manufactured by Jerome & Co. New Haven Conn. U.S.A.

Native American Bird Points
Native American Bird Points. Six bird points including triangles, side knotched and bifurcate. Kentucky. Includes display box. Arrowhead or point.

Winslow Homer Rebels Outside Their Works at Yorktown Reconnoitering Harper's Weekly
Winslow Homer Harper's Weekly May 17, 1862 Civil War "Rebels". This complete, original Harpers Weekly issue is marked, Vol. VI. No. 281, New York, Saturday, May 17, 1862. The cover is an engraving titled, "Rebels Outside Their Works at Yorktown Reconnoitering With Dark Lanterns, Sketched by Mr. Winslow Homer." The issue contains two additional Homer engravings, map of Virginia, the fleet entering the Mississippi, and Farragut's Flag Ship.

Antique Stoneware Crock with Cobalt Decoration
Antique Stoneware Crock with Cobalt Decoration. This beautiful hand-thrown, 3 gallon salt-glazed, straight-sided, stoneware crock is decorated with a free-hand, slip-trailed, dotted leaf spray in cobalt blue. It has a raised lip and applied lug handles. It is impressed and highlighted in cobalt, Fort Edward Stoneware Co. Fort Edward, N. Y. with the number 3 below. The interior is dark brown Albany slip. There are some shallow chips around the bottom and on the base and minor pin size glaze chips. There are no cracks. 10.5 inches high, 10 inch diameter at the base.

Civil War Map of the War in Virginia from Harper's Weekly
Civil War Map of the War in Virginia from Harper's Weekly . Black; cream. Paper. This original full page map is titled, "Map of the Theatre of the War in Virginia." It also shows parts of Maryland, North Carolina and Washington, D.C. ; THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WOOD ENGRAVING.

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