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Winslow Homer A Sharp-Shooter on Picket Duty Harper's Weekly November 15, 1862
Original Wood Engraving, Army of the Potomac A Sharp-Shooter on Picket Duty by Winslow Homer, Harper's Weekly November 15, 1862. Civil War.

John Wilkes Booth Original Complete Issue Harper's Weekly April 29 1865
Original, complete Harper's Weekly April 29, 1865, New York, Vol. I, No. 435, "The Murder of the President." Includes: the cover is a 3/4 engraving of John Wilkes Booth with his signature; wood engravings of Booth shooting Lincoln at Ford's Theater and Booth escaping across the stage; text of the assassination and Lincoln's death; centerfold of Liberty weeping at Lincoln's coffin by Thomas Nast; Fort Sumter and troops landing at Mobile. Abraham Lincoln, Civil War

Vintage Pinkee The Farmer Lithographed Tin Toy Japan
Vintage Pinkee The Farmer Japanese Lithographed Tin Toy. Wonderful battery operated vintage toy. Marked, Made in Japan. "Pinkee" drives a truck with pigs loaded in the back and raised pistons on the front engine. 6.5 inches high and 10 inches long. Normal use and age wear with a small rust/corrosion area on the bottom. Has not been operated.

Harper's Weekly March 19, 1864, General Custer
Original Harper's Weekly March 19, 1864, Engravings: General Custer cover, General Kilpatrick, Map of the Rebellion, The Moon centerfold, Huntsville, Logan's Command, Colored Troops. Good condition, some age, stains, unbound, uneven edge.

Abraham Lincoln and Tad Original Complete Issue Harper's Weekly May 6, 1865
Abraham Lincoln and Tad Original, Complete Engraved Issue Harper's Weekly May 6, 1865. Includes: cover engraving of Lincoln and Tad; text of lincoln's funeral; Ford's Theatre; funeral catafalque; Lincoln Lying in State in New York City; Lincoln's Funeral Procession in Washington; Lincoln on his death bed; and Lincoln Lying in State in the White House. Includes original text descriptions. Civil War.

Toy Friction Train Engine
Toy Friction Train Engine. Black and red.. Sheet Iron/steel. The engine has four moving wheels with a friction mechanism attached to two of the wheels. The cow-catcher has four non-moving wheels. It retains some of its original red paint.

Charles Sheldon Original Drawing
Charles Sheldon Original Drawing. Black; tan; white; white mat; black frame. Charcoal and pencil on board. Woman in hat and fur wrap. Women's Home Companion Nov. 1921. Illustration is 10" x 12"; Framed 18" x 16.5". Signed by artist in top right.

Native American Bird Points
Native American Bird Points. Six bird points including triangles, side knotched and bifurcate. Kentucky. Includes display box. Arrowhead or point.

George Catlin Lithograph of Red Jacket Seneca
George Catlin Lithograph of Red Jacket Seneca. Multi-colored. Paper; glass; wood. This framed lithograph by George Catlin is marked plate number 205 with the number 117 in the upper corner. "G. Catlin" is in the lower left corner. It is of Red Jacket Chief of the Seneca. He is pictured with a red blanket over deer skin garments, feathered head decoration and wearing the Presidential Peace medal. He was head chief of the "Six Nations,"(Senecas, Tuskaroras, Oneidas, Onondagas, Mohawks and Cayugas). The Octavo print is from an edition of Catlins North American Indians Tome. Native American

Original Frank Howell Signed Lithograph Plains Vestige
Original Frank Howell Signed Lithograph Plains Vestige. Frank Howell, 1937-1997. Frank Howell’s works combined the spiritual and physical world of Native Americans. He depicted Native Americans with dignity and respect. Born and schooled in Sioux City Iowa, he moved in the late 1960s to Colorado and then to New Mexico where he opened the Howell Galley in Santa Fe. Howell is famous for his lithographs which he considered a “printer’s paintings.” This original, framed lithograph, is titled “Plains Vestige”, hand signed, numbered 19/140, and dated 1992 in pencil by Frank Howell. It is of a crow in a quill-work and feathered robe. The crow is an important part of Native American folklore and legend. One legend tells the story of the Rainbow Crow. The lithograph is 13” x 10.75”. It is under glass, mounted on black and double framed and matted. Overall it is 24” x 21.25”. Very good condition. A label on the back is from Yvonne Johnson Fine Art Framers, Santa Fe.

Antique Railroad Lantern with Blown Glass Globe
Antique Railroad Lantern with Blown Glass Globe. Dark gray patina and clear glass. Civil War period. The lantern has a pierced tin top, fixed globe and a strap handle. The round tin base holds a blown double molded glass font and is held in place by two spring clips. The thick glass globe is of free blown glass with a blown mark on the side. The brass burner is marked, J. Sangster Patent March 25, 1862. Kerosene.

Antique Iron Still Bank
Antique Iron Still Bank. Black; red and dark red. Iron. The bank building has a copula. The roof of the copula, the bank roof, and the brick trim around the bottom are painted black. The sides are painted a dark red and the windows, door and the word BANK are highlighted in bright red. The are two windows in front and steps.

Antique Wrought Iron Rushlight With Wood Base
Antique Wrought Iron Rushlight With Wood Base. Black patina. Wrought iron with turned wood base. The hand wrought iron holder has scissor action pointed prongs and a right-angled counter balance arm. The base of the iron shaft has hammered rings. The iron shaft is fitted into a piece of smooth round burl wood.

Vintage Record The Night Before Christmas
Record, The Night Before Christmas. Multi-color jacket; Maroon and gold label. Paper and plastic.. 78 record in original jacket with colored prints and illustrated poem. RCA Victor logo and Nipper looking into phonograph are on the label and the jacket. The label reads, "Recitation with Musical Background, Milton Cross with RCA Victor Salon Orchestra, under the direction of Rosario Bourdon with Male Quartet." 2 sides. RCA Victor Division of Radio Corporation of America, Camden, N.J., Made in U.S.A.

Charles Bird Mezzotint Hand Colored Print
Charles Bird Mezzotint Hand Colored Print. Blue-green; sepia; black; gray; white; and blue in gold leaf frame. Paper; wood; glass. Framed. Head profile of a young lady, her blond hair tied up in velvet cord and pearls. She wears a low cut velvet and brocade gown and a pearl and sapphire necklace. Engraved, "Vxor Ioannes De Bardi. Antonio Pllaivolo. 1480 circa." Signed in pencil, "Engraved & printed in colour at one printing without retouching. Charles Bird."

Original Willard F. Clark Woodblock Print
Original Willard F. Clark Woodblock Print, this is not a re-strike. A beautiful multicolored print of a nun in black habit with a silver cross hanging from beneath her cloak. There are flowers on each side of her and two small birds on the ground. It is not signed. Purchased in Santa Fe in 1980s. Glued to mat board. Slight edge discoloration.

Antique Stoneware Brown Jug
Antique Stoneware Brown Jug. Dark brown. Pottery. This hand-turned jug has a dark brown pitted glaze. The applied handle is attached to the lip and rests on the shoulder. The sides are flat. The jug is wider at the shoulder and narrower at the base.

Tiffany Hand Painted Italian Pottery Tea Set
Tiffany Hand Painted Italian Pottery Tea Set. White glaze with orange; blue; yellow; gray . Redware Pottery. The hand-painted set includes covered teapot, milk pitcher, covered sugar, creamer, six cups and saucers, and two large and two small serving plates. Each is heavily decorated in a paisley floral designs. Each piece is hand-painted on the bottom, "Hand Painted for Tiffany & Co. in Italy."

Kinnear Type Toleware Lard Lamp
Kinnear Type Toleware Lard Lamp. Tole painted black; green; gold and red. Tin. This Kinnear lamp is tole painted in a tulip design.

Winslow Homer Rebels Outside Their Works at Yorktown Reconnoitering Harper's Weekly
Winslow Homer Harper's Weekly May 17, 1862 Civil War "Rebels". This complete, original Harpers Weekly issue is marked, Vol. VI. No. 281, New York, Saturday, May 17, 1862. The cover is an engraving titled, "Rebels Outside Their Works at Yorktown Reconnoitering With Dark Lanterns, Sketched by Mr. Winslow Homer." The issue contains two additional Homer engravings, map of Virginia, the fleet entering the Mississippi, and Farragut's Flag Ship.

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