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Silk Embroidered Mourning Picture Antique American  

Product ID:187
Product SKU:IN1000000188
Condition:very good
Additional Info: Expected age. Back board on frame split. Old but not original framing with some wear and chips. Textile is taped to glass.

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Silk Embroidered and Painted Mourning Picture Antique American. Gold leaf frame; black reverse painted on glass mat; green; blue; brown; gray and white. Wood frame; silk; watercolor; card. This framed memorial is done in fine silk embroidery on silk. The sky and clouds are in watercolor. In the center is a monument and urn. Attached to the monument is a card with the inscription, "In Memory of Capt. Daniel Carlisle," (Possibly the Commander of Carlisle's Company, Timothy Bedel's Regiment, New Hampshire Rangers during the Revolutionary War). A large willow leans over the monument. Additional trees, bushes, flowers, grass and plants all done in silk needlework complete the scene. It contains hundreds of finely worked French knots. The embroidery is similar to ones attributed to the Abby Wright School in Massachusetts. 21 x 21 inches including frame; silk is 11 x 11 inches.



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