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Dietrich's Vault, Resource Exchange

Dietrich's Vault Resource Exchange


Articles on Preserving Ephemera
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American Institute for Conservation Of Historic And Artistic Works
Caring for Your Treasures: Documents and Art on Paper
Library of Congress
How to preserve ephemera or "Works on Paper".
The Western Reserve Historical Society
Preserving Historic Documents: A Preservation Primer
Articles on Preserving Furniture
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Conservation Register
Care and conservation of furniture.
Artists on Dietrich's Vault
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American Artist Illustrators of the 1800s
During the 1800s Publishers of books and magazines found that readers were more likely to buy their product if it were illustrated. Dietrich's Vault has a wide array of magazines and periodicals from this time period.
Civil War Artists
Our own research on America's first embedded war correspondents.
Is it an Original or a Reproduction?
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"Antique Prints Blog" gives detailed descriptions on the types of paper and printing processes used to determine whether a print is an original or a reproduction.
Historic Photographs: Real vs. Fake. Wes Cowan gives pointers on how to tell real vs. fake photographs.
One of the most comprehensive sites of original Civil War photographs on the internet.
Good information from G.B. Tate & Sons on how to tell if a painting and/or a signature is an original.
Bill Wheeler, a well known printmaker describes in detail the various processes and characteristics that define an "Original Print"
Links to other Sites
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The collector's website. Whatever you collect, AtoZee will make your collecting more pleasurable and profitable., Collectible Antiques, Coins and Card Collection is the collectible web directory offering links to collectibles, advertising collectibles, clothing and textile, christmas, gallery, photographs, jewelry, stamps, toys and games, miniatures and figurines and more.
Collectible Directory and information on the web.
Collecting Paper Memories
A great collectible site. Here is a quote: "Let's face it! We all have a box of precious memories stored away somewhere. Isn't it time to pull them out...dust them off...display them properly...all the while, helping to preserve them...for a long, long, time! "
dmoz open directory project
The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors
Search free Artists, signatures, works of art and auction prices, fine art appraisals.
This website is dedicated to showcasing the art of vintage magazine illustrations and advertisements.