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Additional Info: Broken binding, mostly loose pages, some paper edge wear and small tears. Former library book.

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Original Seventeenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Green and gold leaf. To the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1895-96 by J. W. Powell in two parts-part 1, #29309, Washington Government Printing Office 1898. Includes many photographs, chromolithographs, engravings, drawings, and maps. The Seri Indians by W. J. McGee. Calendar History of the Kiowa Indians by James Mooney. Chromolithographs include: Shields, Tipi of Battle Pictures, Anko Calendar. Foldout Maps include: Seriland, The Kiowa Range; Plains Tribes in 1832; Kiowa Migration Route and Reservation. Photographs include: Kiowa and Kiowa-Apache chiefs Big Bow, Satank, Lone Wolf, Sleeping Wolf, Big Tree, Pacer and Comanche Chief Quanah Parker along with many others. Relationships with many other Plaines and desert tribes are also discussed including: Delawares, Dakota, Navaho. Contents, List of illustrations, Kiowa-English Glossary. Index. 11.5 x 8 x 3 inches.