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   (Carl J.) Joseph Becker

   Alexander Simplot

   Alfred Rudolph Waud

   Arthur Burdett Frost, A. B. Frost

   Charles Dana Gibson

   Charles E. H. Bonwill

   Charles M. Russell

   E. I. Couse

   Edward Windsor Kemble, E. W. Kemble

   Edwin Austin Abbey

   Edwin Forbes

   Eric Sloane

   Francis H. Schell

   Frederic Sackrider Remington

   Frederick B. Schell

   George Catlin

   George Cruikshank

   Gilbert Gaul

   Granville Perkins

   Harrison Begay

   Harrison Fisher

   Henri Lovie

   Henry Mosler

   Howard Pyle

   James E. Taylor

   James Montgomery Flagg

   James Otto Lewis

   James R. Hamilton

   Jessie Wilcox Smith

   John James Audubon

   Joseph Christian Leyendecker

   Joseph Pennell

   Julian Scott

   Karl (Carl) Bodmer

   Kathe Kollwitz

   Maxfield Parrish

   Newell Convers Wyeth, N.C. Wyeth

   Norman Rockwell

   Theodore R. Davis

   Thomas Nast

   William D. T. Travis

   William Henry Shelton

   William John Hennessy

   William Ludlow (Ludwell) Sheppard

   William P. Noble

   William T. Crane

   William Waud

   Winold Reiss

   Winslow Homer

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