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The War--Making Havelocks For The Volunteers Winslow Homer Cover Harper's Weekly  
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Age browning, minor wear and marks, some repairs to small margin tears.

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Winslow Homer Civil War June 29, 1861 Harper's Weekly "Havelocks". This complete original issue is marked, "Vol. V.--No. 235., New York, Saturday, June 29, 1861. The cover engraving is titled, "The War--Making Havelocks For The Volunteers." The engraving is signed, "Homer," in the lower right corner. It shows a group of seated ladies sewing uniforms. A central figure wears a military cap and ribbon. Other engravings in the issue: Camp Slifer, Battle of Great Bethel, Duryee's Zouaves, Army of the Potomac, Scott Life-Guard, Ohio at Cairo and Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.

This Issue is open to purchasing individual Pages.

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