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Page: 1612, General Sherman's Advance from Harper's Weekly, can only be purchased through its parent, Issue number: 1609. Please click the image at the bottom of the page to purchase.

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Prod Parent ID:1609

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Additional Info: Age, crease.

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General Sherman's Advance from Harper's Weekly. Black; cream. Paper. This original engraved page is a series of three sketches titled, "View Of Kenesaw Mountain, From Little Kennesaw," "Little Kenesaw, July 3, 1864," and "General Shermans Advance--View of The Public Square, Marietta, Georgia." The last shows troops and mule drawn supply wagons going through the town. All sketches are by T. R. Davis. It is marked, "500, Harpers Weekly, August 6, 1864.", Civil War ; THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WOOD ENGRAVING.

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