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Harper's Weekly Civil War View of Mobile 1864. Black; cream. Paper. This original page contains three engravings. The first original engraving is titled, "View of Mobile and The Federal Fleet In The Bay.--(Sketched by Geo. Walters.) It shows the fleet with Mobile in the background. Each ship is numbered and identified, Rebel Ram, Battery, Gun-Boad Morgan, Hospital Boat, Chickasaw, Octorora, Pinola, Winnebago, and Metacomet. The second engraving is titled, "The Metacomets Boats Blowing Up The Rebel Ram Nashville, August 16, 1864.--(Sketched by Geo. Walters.)." It shows the Nashville exploding and men rowing away in long boats. The third original engraving is titled, "Receiving The Wounded On Board The Metacomet, August 5, 1864. It show stretchers being loaded from long boats.; THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WOOD ENGRAVING.



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