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Page: 6438, Frank Leslie's Illustrated, Feb. 8, 1873-page 357 , can only be purchased through its parent, Issue number: 2027. Please click the image at the bottom of the page to purchase.

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Prod Parent ID:2027

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Additional Info: Some age, minor stains and tears in the margins.

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Frank Leslie's Illustrated, Feb. 8, 1873-page 357 . Black; cream. Paper. This original page contains two engravings. The first engraving is a portrait titled, "Hon. Ward Hunt, The Newly-Appointed Associate-Justice Of The Supreme Court Of The United States. From a Photograph by Thorp of Washington." The second engraving is titled, "Maryland.--Stirring Up The Snorers--A Scene In The Negro Gallery Of The Annapolis Court-House During The Wharton Trail.--Drawn by W. L. Sheppard, From A Sketch By Joseph Becker."

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