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Dietrich’s Vault Best Offer Policies

This document was last updated on 12/05/2010.

Dietrich's Vault is a collection of one of a kind items that are, by their nature, difficult to place current market values on. We think our prices are fair and based on current research; but we understand basic economics and can only sell what someone else thinks an item is worth. The Best Offer Program gives our customers an opportunity to tell us what they think our items are worth and if we think it is a fair price, we will accept.

Best Offer Program polices:

  • You must create or sign in to your existing account.
  • We will let you know our decision by email within 24 hours (usually less).
  • If we accept your offer, we will mail you a special coupon code to use upon checking out. You apply the coupon to your shopping cart before shipping, insurance and taxes. This coupon will expire after 24 hours. Special arrangements can be made to increase this time by contacting us.

    Here are some other limitations you should be aware of with these coupons:

    • They expire after first usage.
    • They may include free shipping IF we determine that the shipping and handling for the item would not provide us with an acceptable profit margin. In these cases, we will include free shipping but deduct the cost from your discount in order to make an acceptable profit.
    • They may only be used on the product for which your best offer bid was placed.
    • They are non transferable.

  • In the event we receive competing offers on a product, we have the right to choose the best offer and to extend the offer deadline. In all cases, we will let you know whether your offer was accepted or not. If our first choice does not follow-through, we may email you again asking if you are still interested.
  • If we receive too many bogus best offer requests, we have the right to delete your user id and block your ip address.