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Dietrich’s Vault Shipping Policies

This document was last updated on 10/26/2010.

  • Packing and shipping are provided by us for items that are NOT labeled ***Due to the size and/or fragility of this item in-house shipping is not available.*** For a list of shipping companies that handle these kinds of items (as of 04/17/2010) please refer to the list below.
  • In some cases where we feel that items are too fragile for us to package and ship, we turn the responsibility over to the carrier IF the carrier you select offers these services. If they do not, we will select a substitute carrier who we feel is trustworthy and whose costs are closest to your original understanding for such services.
  • Dietrich's Vault cannot assume responsibility for damage or loss by a carrier (UPS, USPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc.) regardless of which carrier is chosen by you or us, on any purchase, under any circumstances. If a loss or damage should occur during shipment, it is incumbent upon the customer to file a claim with the carrier.
  • If documentation on our pricing is needed please contact us.
  • We handle and package items in the order of payment receipt, our shipping department will contact you via email after your item has been prepared for shipment and all costs calculated. Please keep in mind that sometimes the cost of packaging and shipping may exceed the actual cost of the item, we do our best to be fair.
  • Standard shipping policy is that purchases must be paid for before any packing/shipping will be performed.
  • For all orders with items not marked as ***Due to the size and/or fragility of this item in-house shipping is not available.***, our system will automatically calculate the cost of insurance and add as an additional line item to your order. The insurance rates we charge are fair and based on the declared value; our values are determined after performing extensive research.
  • Please be aware that framed works of art are costly to pack/ship and it is not uncommon for the price of packing/shipping to exceed the purchase price.
  • It is your responsibility to choose a carrier in cases where we have marked an item as ***Due to the size and/or fragility of this item in-house shipping is not available.***. Refer to a list of shipping companies below.
  • Regardless of shipping method, Dietrich’s Vault must have received cleared funds to release property.
  • Usually shipped items can be expected to arrive per the time frames guaranteed by the shipping company. But, on large items or international orders, shipping may take up to four weeks after payment is received.
  • The minimum packaging and handling charge is (as of the publication of this policy and subject to change) $15 USD which includes time, gas and materials.
  • ***Shipping, packing and insurance charges are non-refundable.***
  • In all cases, for items that leave our possession, please ensure that:

    1. You have all of the dimension, weight and condition information on the product before we ship.
    2. Any damage incurred after the product leaves our possession will be assumed to have occurred in transit and your sole recourse is to contact the shipper.
    3. Please understand that we are a small business and cannot get into disputes over a product's condition, dimensions or weight. Please make sure you have all information on the product before you make your purchase. We want your repeat business and positive referrals and will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your transaction.
    4. For items indicated "no in-house shipping" here are a few listings: